Zero Friction Announces Johnny Miller EndorsementZero Friction Announces Johnny Miller Endorsement

The headline reads Zero Friction Announces Johnny Miller Endorsement at the 2016 PGA Show in Orlando Florida, but Zero Friction has even more news to share.’s broadcast journalist, Brian Stefan was on hand to interview Zero Friction Director of Sales, Joe Jung.

Zero Friction’s new line of “one-size-fits-all” golf glove was a huge hit at the show. Pro Shop managers are loving the idea of not having to stock all the various sizes of golf gloves, but as Joe expounds in this interview….color selection takes the place of size selection. Ever notice that almost all golf gloves were white or black? Think about it. Stocking Small, Medium, Medium Large, Large, XL, and XXL in rights and lefts takes up a lot of space. Eliminating all those sizes lends opportunity to style…an apparent welcomed happening. Zero Friction gloves were flying out of the booth at the 2016 PGA Show. We knew the ladies would be huge fans with the ability to accessorize down to the glove, but men were buying them as well.

We (TGD) were introduced to the new glove last year at the Annual ING Spring Conference when we (as media) were all given a glove to sample. I still have mine, and wear it every time I play golf. Have you’ve ever played golf on a very hot and humid day (or during the rain) and put your golf glove in the bag only to pull it out the next time you play looking and feeling like a dried up mass? We’ve all had that happen, but it will not happen with the Zero Friction glove. The compression fit and moisture wicking material stands up well to the heat, and wet conditions.

As we began this article, Golf Hall of Famer and veteran broadcaster Johnny Miller has joined the Zero Friction team as celebrity spokesperson.  Johnny spoke to a group of us during the show and was very entertaining. Be sure to give Zero Friction a try. Check them out at Oh, and I forgot to mention, they have some awesome tees!

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