The Golf Director TV

The Golf Director TV is a 24/7 live and on-demand golf only digital network that originates from Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. The Golf Director (TGD) simulcasts golf talk radio and TV for several shows and produces video, both in-studio and on location, with the latest golf news and information.

Much of The Golf Director TV content surrounds Myrtle Beach golf. Tee It Up Grand Strand is a series that is produced on location at area golf courses. Host Shan Coughlin interviews club pros and other personnel providing course updates for interested golfers.

TGD also provides news coverage (and gossip) from the tours. Programs are streamed live from the North Myrtle Beach studios with regular hosts and a variety of guests. Fantasy Golf TV with host Jeff Diehl was added in 2015 to capitalize on the surge in fantasy sports interest. Each week Jeff and guests talk about the upcoming tournaments and give their reasons and research leading to their picks.

Monday Morning GolfRap is a wrap-up of the weekend’s golf. This 20 minute program gives listeners the the results and is often accompanied by some commentary about events during the weekend. Pro Golf Talk is a Thursday look at the upcoming weekend of play, and The Round Table is an “anything goes” (all goff)  show that airs live on Thursdays.

Two of our most popular shows areTech Talk and The Rules of Golf. Golf clubs and balls are normally the topic on Tech Talk, and interviews with factory representatives is the norm. Tech Talk also helps golfers understand the need for a proper fitting. The Rules of Golf gets into the detail about the rules and examples to better help amateur golfers better understand the importance of playing the game by the rules.

TGD TV is all about making the game more enjoyable for the average golfer. You can get more information at