The Golf Director For Myrtle Beach Golf

Zeus Digital Marketing held fast to its plans for launching The Golf Director for Myrtle Beach Golf. A mid 2012 reveal of a “conceptual platform” met with some mixed reviews. Some failed to see the need for, and potential of, this type of creation. The company “officially” launched the network in January 2013. The platform includes a social network, golf talk radio, web TV, Academy, and golf vacation division.

With Golf Talk Radio at its core, and Myrtle Beach Golf as the subject matter, The Golf Director Network has plenty of potential content. Although the golf industry in Myrtle Beach (as in the entire U.S.) has constricted recently,  an improving economy and digital influence marketing creates just the right opportunity for The Golf Director to succeed. Reaching golfers before they home is of key importance and that is exactly the challenge every marketer faces. Today’s travelers plan where the will eat, sleep, shop, and be entertained before they leave home. The competition for their declining attention span is immense. Internet patrons must be engaged on their terms with efficiently packaged messages and programming. The Golf Director Radio programming includes course reviews, interviews, Myrtle Beach resort and restaurant information, tournament schedules, and a mix of national golf news and coverage.

In the first 3 months, The network reached 112 countries with this platform, delivering nearly 100,000 listening sessions to thousands of unique listeners. The idea of mixing some national news into the programming proved to be spot on during The Masters at Augusta National this year.  The network, through its social media engagement,  saw a 400% increase in traffic during that week, creating the challenge of allocating bandwidth to provide sufficient listening slots. In addition to the United States, The Golf Director’s top 100 countries by listening time includes the United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Japan, Korea, Guatemala, Spain, and Ireland. The results prove a significant global  interest in Myrtle Beach Golf as well as The Golf Director’s ability to reach and engage those searching for relative content.

The summer of 2013 will brought the introduction of The Golf Director’s first web TV series rounding out the completely digital communications network. Detailed plans and series pilots have already been developed. The Golf Director Network brings Myrtle Beach Golf to life with its unique approach.

You can count on The Golf Director For Myrtle Beach Golf. In early 2014 The Golf Director net work was rolled into a new company called iNetGolf. iNetGolf is an all encompassing digital marketing solution for the golf industry. Adding web development, search marketing, and PPC management to the portfolio rounds out the program providing a full compliment of services for anyone in the golf industry.

TGD Vacations was also added to the group in 2014. Packaging golf for the Myrtle Beach area was a natural. Look for more destinations to be added in the future.

The timing is right. The digital era is certainly here. We’ll keep you up to date with all the news related to Myrtle Beach Golf and The Golf  Director here at and other Zeus properties.