shipsticks CEO Nick colemanShipSticks CEO Nick Coleman

We ran into ShipSticks CEO Nick Coleman at the 2016 PGA Merchandise Show. Shan Coughlin gets the lowdown on the secret behind this rapidly growing company. ShipSticks has become a popular solution for getting your golf clubs from home to your golf destination. Club transportation is a hassle even in the best of circumstances. The airlines have become an unacceptable and expensive alternative. Even golfers who drive to their golf vacation destination are taking advantage of ShipSticks to eliminate the extra baggage. When one looks closely at the ShipSticks’ low cost offer, it makes perfect sense!

Global Distribution

Partnering with the likes of FedEx and UPS gave ShipSticks instant global distribution. Golfers can have their clubs picked up from their home anywhere in the world, or they can drop them off at the closest pick-up point. Clubs can be shipped wherever you choose. Many golfers are having their clubs shipped to the first course they play, and drop them off for the return trip at the last course they play. Golf courses have been more than willing to participate in the exchange.

The ShipSticks Advantage

In addition to relying on proven shipping methods, ShipSticks keeps an eye on the delivery progress to ensure your clubs make it to the chosen destination. It’s a good idea to plan ahead an allow the appropriate shipping lead time to make sure your clubs make it on time. Obviously shipping overseas takes longer than in country.  West coast United States to east coast United States takes longer than a shipment from north to south on the same coast.  We’re very appreciative of ShipSticks CEO Nick Coleman for taking the time from his busy PGA Show schedule to give us this interview. Just check in with the folks at ShipSticks by visiting their website at