With the Great Recession taking it’s toll on the real estate market, buying activity has consumed much of the inventory along the Grand Strand. But, there are still some great deals for savvy shoppers. Real Estate expert, Kay Van Hoesen, founder of Certifax Appraisals, one of the top appraisers in Myrtle Beach,  has developed a great new product called The Certifax Report to help interested buyers find the best “Steals and Deals”.

Grand Strand Real Estate Steals and Deals-The Certifax Report

On this week’s Real Estate Steals and Deals, we spoke with us Kay Van Hoesen, founder of Certifax Appraisals. After more than 35,000 appraisals for over 3400 clients, Kay Van Hoesen is the recognized authority on Myrtle Beach real estate.

Kay Van Hoesen-I focused my search on the north end of the Grand Strand, and I found two outstanding properties that can both be had for way under current prices.

First we found a three-bedroom, two-bath single family home priced near $100,000. It’s only about five or ten minutes from the beach and from all the shag clubs. At $30,000 under recent sales, it’s truly a phenomenal deal.

And we found a three-bedroom, two-bath oceanfront condo priced near $180,000. Look at that view! All the other recent sales sold for $40,000 to $60,000 more, so at $180,000, it’s truly a steal.

Jeff Gilder-So if people are interested, how do they learn more?

Kay Van Hoesen-They can find all the details, including the listing agents, in The Certifax Report. Or, they can contact me and I’ll be happy to help them out.

For discounted Shag City pricing on the Certifax Report, click the banner on any Shag City site.

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