P2 Putter GripsP2 Putter Grips

P2 Putter Grips debuted at the 2016 PGA Merchandise show with great reception. They had the good fortune of being selected by The Golf Channel to be a feature on the show giving them some incredible exposure. But, we think these guys were on their way to stardom regardless. Perhaps that’s what caught they eye of Golf Channel. In addition to their Irish charm, inventor, Enda McLoughlin and the P2 team are on to something.

Until Now…

Most putter innovations have been focused on alignment aids, adjustable weights and head shapes.  In reality, most putting problems originate further up the club where unwanted wrist and hand movements cause rotation of the putter face. This leads to a less than square impact on the ball, causing hook or slice spin on putts.

“In our P2 patented grips the shaft is housed off center”, says Enda. “This increases the effective lie angle of the putter and positions the wrists higher, locking them throughout the stroke and allowing the forearms to be aligned in perfect symmetry with the shaft of the putter and the putter face, resulting with a square impact on the ball every time”.

4 Products In Initial Roll-Out

The four new models include, Classic, Aware, React and Reflex. Each  of the new grips are available in a range of stunning colors.

Building on the design features of the P2 Original, the Classic and the Aware maintain the trademark flat sides ensuring the golfer positions the hands on the grip square to the putter face.  The Aware model is specifically sized for golfers wanting a smaller grip.

The React and Reflex models cater to golfers who prefer a larger and over-sized grip. Both products maintain the patented off-center shaft design. The off-center design help to reduce hook or slice spin on putts and helps putts start closer to the intended start line.

The P2 Putter Grips will officially go on sale in March 2016. United States representation and distribution is in the process of being set up. We’ll keep you updated here on Zeus TV, but for more information go to http://p2puttergrips.com. Also check out TheGolfDirector.com for more upcoming articles reviews on TGD TV and TGD Radio.