Myrtle Beach Golf

The No.11 Par 3 at Rivers Edge in Shallotte, NC

Myrtle Beach Golf

The Myrtle Beach golf market is globally referred to as the Seaside Golf Capital of the World. With 80+ golf courses along a 60 mile stretch on the Atlantic Ocean called The Grand Strand, Myrtle Beach offers quality, variety, and value. Golfers may choose from high end world-class semi-private resort courses to value-priced daily fee courses.

The History

Pine Lakes was the first course built in Myrtle Beach back in 1927. It was designed and built by Ron White, the first President of the PGA and earned the nickname, “The Granddaddy”, for being the first. In 1947 the Dunes Club made Myrtle Beach a multi-course destination. Course construction progressed slowly in the 50s, but began to pick up steam in the 60s and 70s. By the peak in the late 90s, the area boasted 120 golf courses. As the economy slowed and an obvious over-build began revealing more supply than demand, courses began closing. Perhaps the biggest news maker in the history of Myrtle Beach Golf occurred when Chinese investors bought a total of 27 golf courses in 2014 and 2015.

Golf Packages

The golf package business has been a major part of the success related to Myrtle Beach golf.  Groups of 4 to 100+ come to the area each year. Some will come multiple times during each year. Historically groups have utilized the services of one of the area’s experienced golf package providers. Tee time scheduling, accommodations, and the logistics associated with handling larger groups makes the packager a popular choice. Although technology is making online booking more popular, especially with the younger generations, the largest groups benefit from the service and expertise of a respected packager.

Understanding the Layout

The Grand Strand, as mentioned earlier, encompasses more than 60 miles along the Atlantic Ocean. Planning a multi-course golf vacation requires some familiarity with the layout. Staying on the south end and making a tee time on the north end will work, but offers some logistic challenges and an accounting for traffic during peak seasons. Although it is all called “Myrtle Beach”, the actual city is more centrally positioned. The overall golf market extends to below Pawleys Island south and nearly to Wilmington, North Carolina on the north end.

The Season

Myrtle Beach golf is a year-round activity, but enjoys two high-peak seasons – one in the Spring and one in the Fall. Although the number of rounds played annually has at best been flat, one has to take into consideration the the impact of an 80+ course supply of golf inventory compared to earlier years when the number exceeded 100. Getting preferred tee times and lodging during peak seasons definitely requires some advanced planning and booking. Most astute golf leaders book 6 or more months in advance to ensure they get their group’s tee times and lodging in close proximity.

Rates / Value

Myrtle Beach golf is a fantastic value regardless of the course tier (there are 4) being played. Rates fluctuate based upon the season, day of the week, and time of the day. The most recent golf course management feature affecting rates is something called yielding. This software driven process adjusts golf rates based upon availability. Booking further in advance will yield the best rates. As the dates of play and the booking date close, the rates get higher. This can even change rates during the day based on occupancy.


Accommodations in Myrtle Beach are perhaps the easiest part of planning a vacation if golfers plan early enough in advance. Golf seasons and normal tourist seasons barely overlap creating the perfect situation for golf vacations. There are an abundance of hotel room, condos, and houses on the beach, across from the beach, inland, and some on or adjacent to the golf courses.

Shopping, Dining, and Entertainment

Restaurants are another easy piece of the Myrtle Beach golf vacation plan. Every variety of food from both chains and local flavors make selection the biggest challenge. Golfers would be ahead of the game to do some of this planning online before leaving home. Some groups have a person designated to create a dining plan, just as some have an entertainment coordinator. There are entertainment venues of all types up and down the Grand Strand from family-style theater to adult entertainment.

The Golf Director

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