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Da Vinci Sports have somehow managed to combine a collection of golf aids into one simple system. Brian Stefan interviewed inventor, Michael Gish and and sales manager, Michael Landry at the 2016 PGA Merchandise show in Orlando, Florida.

What Happened to Feel?

Da Vinci Sports Founder, Michael Gish asked, “What happened to feel? I think we’re relying to much on computers nowadays to tell us what’s happening with our swings. Our system is based on organic feedback.” A quick demonstration of the multifaceted system reveals the simplicity of design. It’s not really the next new idea for fixing your swing, it’s a way to address many issues with one golf aid rather than having to buy several.

There’s a lot to be said for simplicity in today’s world of computer-generated, app-based feedback. One might say that Michael reverted back to old-fashioned teaching techniques with his device. That would be most true in a very positive way. Utilizing these simple (and inexpensive) aids are reflective of many tried and true aids that molded the best golfers in the world long before the days of computerized aids.

Rocket Science?

Nope! Just immediate feedback coming from simply adjusting one of the devices for the technique being tested. A great measure of how this product was received would be the number of units Da Vinci Sports sold at the show. They sold out in the first two days, and took back orders for the many who left empty handed.  We think all teaching pros will step up use these simple training aids. For more information check them out at DaVinciSports.net. For another article on Da Vinci Sports from the 2016 PGA Show, click HERE.