ChipIng A Game ChangerChipIng A Game Changer

Is ChipIng A Game Changer? You May Never Lose Another Golf Ball with this new revolutionary technology. ChipIng founder Thomas Sandel has developed a golf ball that has a built-in chip that (along with accompanying app) can prevent you from losing your balls. Well, lets say that it can reduce the number of balls you may lose. The device uses the app and blue tooth to locate golf balls that are otherwise lost as the result of errant shots. Obviously, if you hit the all into deep water, you may not be able to retrieve it, but at least you’ll know where you left it. But, those hit into the wood or deep rough will be no problems for this system. It narrows down the search to within inches of your  ball.

ChipIng is currently still in the development stages, but plans to be ready for a mid-year launch. By utilizing blue tooth instead of satellite tracking the device will work anywhere in any conditions. This writer doesn’t have to worry about the latter, I’ve become a fair weather golfer for sure. but, I’m looking forward to challenging this new device. I assure you, I can give it a great test. Golf balls have become a significant expense for many of us who do not always find the fairways. Thomas Sandel (founder) just may be our new best friend.

Is ChipIng A Game Changer? We think it is! The golf ball budget for us higher handicappers could certainly use some relief. The system is simple and easy to use, and should reduce the amount of time spent searching for otherwise lost golf balls. For more information go to their website at For more golf news and information check out TGD Radio and TV produce 1500+ golf related shows and articles each year.