Amateur Long Drive™ (ALD) Championship Series

Amateur Long Drive™ has its roots in Myrtle Beach. Living here in paradise has many benefits. Golf has to be at the top. Well…there’s the Atlantic Ocean…and shopping…and the weather…but golf is still at the top, especially if you’re a golfer. With over 80 golf courses within a 60 miles stretch there are plenty of options. Amateur Long Drive™ was founded here, but couldn’t be a better fit.

Barefoot Golf & Resort

This year’s (2018) home for the Amateur Long Drive™ World Championship is Barefoot Resort & Golf. The main driving range at Barefoot has the length to support long drive and has lights to allow the competition to be done from evening into the night. The proximity of Putters Pub (ten yards) to the grid provides the perfect set up. Spectators and competitors will enjoy the convenience of food and drink.

The Competition

There are three competition categories for competition in 2018: Amateur; Adaptive; and Veteran.

Amateur Divisions for male and female Youth (12 & under), Juniors (13-15), Adults (16 – 49), Seniors (50 – 64), and Super Seniors (65+).

Adaptive divisions will include golfers of varying abilities such as amputees, paraplegics, down syndrome, cerebral palsy, and others.

Veterans Division – New for 2018, the Veterans Division has been added through a partnership with the Veteran Golfers Association (VGA). The Veteran Division will match up with the existing VGA parameters.

The Schedule – August 16-18, 2018

Competition includes Qualifying Rounds, Competition Rounds, and Championship Rounds followed by the Open World Championship.

Qualifying Rounds – Local Qualifiers have been scheduled across the U.S. for 2018. Any competitor who has not already qualified in one of the local events for the World Championship will be able to do so on Thursday August 16th a the Last Chance Qualifier. Organizers will extend the Last Chance into the the next day providing a one hour qualifying session at 12 noon just before the competition rounds get underway at 1 PM.

Competition Rounds – Competition Rounds will continue Friday until all divisions have determined who will be competing for the World Championship.

Championship Rounds – The Championship Rounds will commence Saturday the 18th at 12 noon and will run until World Champions in each division have been crowned.

Open World Championship – During the Competition and Championship Rounds, competitors will shoot for a minimum yardage required to compete in the Open World Championship. At 6 PM on Saturday Night competitors from all divisions in each of the three categories (Amateur, Adaptive, & Veteran) who accomplished that minimum yardage will go through elimination rounds to determine the top hitter in each category. At 8 PM, on live television, these three hitters will compete to determine the 2018 Open World Champion. In 2017 the Open World Champion, Mark Lawrence from Utah,  advanced from the Senior Amateur Division to win over Adaptive Division hitter, Jonathan Shaw.

Experience Long Drive!

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